Who We Are

Established in 2011, PineTree Pony farm started out as a conventional riding stable, giving residence to just a handful of 6 Horses and Ponies.  In 2012 we re-established a new name and an alternative approach to educating kids to ride. Our goal was to give permanent homes to semi-retired, unwanted and abused Equines, to give them a second chance and have them participate in basic riding activities for kids. Over the last 6 years, our herd has doubled and our original 6 herd members are still happily with us. 

How We Do It

At PineTree we only focus on what our Horses and Ponies CAN do and we accommodate their abilities by applying guidelines to weight restrictions for riding inviting adults and children of a beginner/novice experience.  We focus on teaching ground interaction with the Ponies, organizing Pony Camps and Picnic Trails and apply a fun, relaxed approached to teaching the art of riding. Operating the school in this way ensures that our Ponies are given a second chance without being overworked or asked to perform exercises that are beyond their capabilities, PineTree is their permanent home. We have adoption and donation schemes being introduced in the near future to ensure our retired Horses and Ponies have the care and love they need.

Educating Our Children

Our outlook is to make a difference to the lives of domesticated Equines, we can not do this unless we educate the many generations to come how to be capable, compassionate, kind and understanding Horse people and whom better to teach this than the Horses. Everything that is involved with riding and caring for Horses is significant to the individual's development from learning about themselves, problem-solving, communication, gaining confidence, learning responsibilities and more. All these valuable skills can be applied to their everyday lives outside of PineTree, the Horses empower the children to be their authentic selves which can be very hard to grasp living in a society dominated by social media and self-image. Children are our future, education can make a difference.

What We Hold True

Horses are a life long commitment and we strongly support the idea of providing a permanent home for any Horse that comes to live at PineTree. We believe the key to a happy emotionally balanced Horse is having a safe, permanent, clean and natural environment to share with other Horses, a daily routine, appropriate and good quality food, movement, good health and non-abusive human interaction.

Horses encourage the best version of yourself, this can empower all of us to be better to our Horses, better to ourselves, better to one another and to the planet.

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