Change Starts with Education

Making a positive difference to the lives of Horses starts by educating our children to communicate, care and enjoy the animals through natural & creative interaction without the pressure of competitive influence.  Inspiring children to open their awareness to kind & thoughtful Horsemanship will empower them to become responsible, compassionate adults.

Students will develop awareness towards the nature of the Horse which will then progress into a deeper connection and understanding. Safe handling of the  equipment and working with the Ponies from the ground will be introduced, students will become confident, learn to seek inner tuition and develop a physical and mental balance, Horses really can teach all this and more!



Our lessons provide students with a wide variety of knowledge about the nature of the Horse in groundwork exercises, in the saddle and in the unique language of the Horse,  therefore riding is not the focal part of our practice.

We provide a fun and stimulating environment to encourage imagination, sense of feel and independence. Grooming and preparation before and after riding are introduced to the students so they understand the responsibilities they have as a Horse person when attending to the needs of the Ponies.

*Grooming, Preparation of Pony and aftercare is included within the tuition.

(Lessons 1.5 hour.)

*1 off Private Lesson 600 

* 1 off group Lesson 500 pp

all one-off lessons require 300 non-refundable deposit to secure place


6 Lesson Course 3200 

12 Lesson Course 6000 


Trail Rides


Taking the children through beautiful forests and fields on the Ponies meeting an abundance of wildlife such as Deer and many more. As well as the breathtaking views, students will develop balance, strength and confidence riding over varied terrain and natural obstacles.

Trail riding is a diverse activity appealing to those who want to enjoy an easy stroll around the countryside but also improving on their riding balance.

*Grooming, Preparation of Pony and aftercare is included within the session.

30 minutes 300

1.5 hour Private 600

1.5 hour Group 500 pp


Picnic Pony Ride


Enjoy a unique adventure with the Ponies and your family, this special activity provides 3 hours of quality time outdoors with the Ponies and loved ones.

We have a variety of ridden trails and picnic locations waiting for you to explore all year round.

A trail ride & picnic to stunning lakes and viewpoints where you can rest and eat lunch while the Ponies graze next to you.

The lunch stop is accompanied with Faery House Building, collecting pine cones and many other little treasures that nature provides.

Family and friends are welcome to join the Picnic Pony Ride on foot or bike so they can share the experience with participants taking advantage of many scenic photo opportunities.

Bring With You...

* Packed lunch * Small/ Medium backpack * Waterproofs * Appropriate clothing for current weather conditions * Bike (optional) PineTree can rent out * Dogs welcome on a lead


Picnic ride includes:

* Pony grooming and care * Riding * Lunch Stop (lunch not included) 800 pp


Dance with Unicorns


Everything we do with our Horses is essentially a Dance between two beings, we interact, move, feel, imagine, create, be present, and have complete awareness for each other. Horses will teach you how to become balanced in mind and body, feel everything around you and give you the first-hand experience of the natural rhythm and timing born to these magnificent creatures, all you need is an open mind.


Participants are encouraged to creatively interact with the Ponies through Movement, Dance, Basic Yoga Poses, Visualization and Music from the ground and from the Pony's back. This class is beneficial for keeping the body flexible and strong, it allows students to mentally connect with the Pony using meditation, breathing and fun visualization techniques, it opens a person's awareness to feeling and 'being' in the present, it also teaches a great deal of patience.


This class is ideal for participants aged 6 - 13. No previous dance or movement experience is necessary. Participants should bring with them a soft pair of slipper type footwear (eg Ballet Slipper or something similar), lightweight trainer/pump and comfortable clothing suitable for movement. Most of the moves on the Pony are performed barefoot in warmer conditions.   


2 hours ....................... 700 per person


For information on booking...

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