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Paddock Paradise for Horses and Ponies

Paddock Paradise is great for Equines carrying extra weight, it also helps improve mental and physical well being . Our Ponies have shown a significant improvement in weight loss, hoof development and keeping laminitis dormant. It is incredibly beneficial for Horses and Ponies suffering from Equine metabolic syndrome, skin problems, boredom, cracking/weak hooves and more.

Horses are designed by nature to move and can travel up to 10 -50km each day, the Paddock Paradise is a track system designed to encourage Horses to move like they would naturally in the wild. Hay is spread around the track over natural obstacles and hidden areas to increase the search for forage and so creating more movement and agility.

If you are interested in making the transition to board your Horse/Pony on a Paddock Paradise have a read through this article for more information:


What We Provide

* Daily checks of Horse , paddock and fencing. Care of the Horse is given when owner is absent in emergency situations.

* There is no - to little grazing on the Paddock Paradise offering Hay all year round as the main source of forage, free choice of natural herbs and weeds are accessible.

* Access to water 24/7

* Natural obstacles placed around track to walk over, round and through for agility

* Hay is given (summer) x 2 day on the ground and slow feeders (winter) x 3 day in slow feeders (kilo's of hay calculated according to weight of Horse/Pony needs)

* Secure Electric Fencing

* Salt/Mineral block all year round

* Large spacious shelter with rock dust floor

* Breakfast Daily all year round, (optional) Includes oats, linseed (winter) , hay nuts

* Paddock cleaned 1 x Every Day

* Any rugs or fly masks- put on and taken off

* Hoof pick once a week

* Option to move out of Paddock Paradise to pasture if requested.

Local Entities...

* Village Restaurant (5 mins walk)
* Jilove U Prahy (8.5 km)

* Stechovice (7.5 km)

* Vyhlídka Máj (2.9 km)

* Ski Areal Chotoun (10.6 km)
* Forest Bike Trails & Hiking


* Sand Arena (20 x 40)

* Arena Equipment

* Saddle Room

* Rug Rack

* Toilet

* Hose/Area to wash

* Tie up Area

* Outdoor Natural Pool


Horse 16hh/160cm or more - 6000kc

Large Pony 12hh/122cm to 15hh/158cm - 5000kc

Small Pony 11hh/117cm or less - 3000kc

Pasture Boarding

We offer outdoor boarding on open pasture with natural forest shelter all year round. Our friendly, relaxed farm is surrounded by large meadows, and wild forest creating a very tranquil home for Horses. Boarders have access to off road trails, quiet country roads, forest and fields suitable for recreational and trail riding with additional access to the sand arena and other facilities.

Pasture boarders are provided with the same care and facilities as Paddock Paradise. Hay is given when grazing is low.