Schools and Community

Our School and Community project days offer the opportunity for kids to be outdoors connecting with the animals and contributing to the daily duties of a Pony Farm. Horse care and all farm duties are suitable for beginners, from 3 - 16yrs, we provide supervision and assistance to ensure safety at all times.

We open our Farm to conventional schools, children with learning difficulties, associations supporting children from abusive backgrounds and orphanages/foster homes. 

9 am - 3 pm (reserving 1 hour for Lunch) from Tuesday - Sunday during Holidays, Saturday and Sunday during term time. We can provide a one-off session or sessions can run from a weekly or once a month basis. Start and finish times can be flexible to your individual needs.

Typical daily activities we offer on the farm would include : (not necessarily all)

Pony grooming,

Paddock cleaning

Pony feeding and water buckets

Saddle and bridle cleaning

Care of small animals chickens, rabbits

Collecting firewood from the pony forest

Chopping firewood (with strict supervision and assisted)

Arts and Craft (paint a horseshoe and more)

Feed our Forest Friends ( a walk through the forest to fill the feed stations for the deer)

Additional activities are optional, swimming (summer) trampoline and tree swings

During winter months Ice Skating on the Pond, Sledging and building a Snow pony.

The children will be invited to meet and stroke all of our ponies and learn about their colours, personalities and names. They will have the opportunity to learn how to halter and lead a pony over a small agility course and they will all receive a Rosette and certificate at the end of their day.

Interacting with the Ponies in close proximity will help improve confidence and self-esteem, healing and acceptance, this is a unique experience providing an opportunity for kids who have not had the chance to be with Horses.

* We are flexible to accommodate you if you require a shorter session, please contact us for further discussion.


6 -15 children 300- 500 per child


Packed lunch is required and students can sit around the open fire ( autumn/winter) while we provide tea and marshmallows to toast. (shelter provided in case of bad weather)

We can arrange meals from our local friendly restaurant, with an additional cost. Meals will be typical Czech cuisine so Vegetarian and Vegan dishes are unlikely to be on offer

Work Experience

We accept students, children and adults, for work experience weeks which can run from Monday - Friday.

Participants will experience a working week as a Horse carer assisting in lessons, farm duties, grooming, health care and more day to day activities. Riding sessions and general Horse care tuition will be given daily, a typical day starts at 8:30am - 3:30pm. 

Please go our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

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