”Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self-esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls.

They give us hope!" Toni Robinson

Volunteer for Us!


It is our mission to bring humans and animals together, in harmony, with kindness, respect and understanding. Our gates are open to every individual who seeks acceptance, love, understanding, forgiveness, healing, peace and friendship. We understand not everyone is in a position to take Horse Riding classes so we are delighted to offer an alternative, even for those not interested in Horses but who want to enjoy the company of kind people and find a moment of peace that comes with being around animals.


Have a look and decide which volunteer you would like to be... we look forward to meeting you!

Pony Grooming & Walking


Ideal for those of you who would like to spend some quality time with our four-legged friends and take advantage of the surrounding forest and wildlife in pure tranquillity.


Your duties will include:

* Pony walks in the forest

* Pony Grooming


We ask that you have some basic common sense Horsemanship skills, though we do also welcome individuals with no experience, in that case, you will be required to take a healthy interest in learning how to lead the Ponies correctly and follow the safety guidelines significant to being around the Horses & animals.


Volunteers should be 12 years and over with consent from a parent/guardian under the age of 18. We are more than happy to welcome children under the age of 12 with a parent/guardian to assist and supervise.


We request a minimum 1/2 hour walk with each Pony. There is no limit on how many Ponies you wish to walk. We advise at least 20 minutes of grooming so you and your Pony may get better acquainted.



* Due to the busy weekend and holiday season schedule, Pony walking is limited.


*Weekdays: Tuesday - Friday anytime. Please inform Kelly of your visit in advance.


* We do not require riders, only individuals who truly want to spend special quality time with Ponies and provide them with a few hours of pampering and gentle exercise.





Assistant Pony Camp/Lesson Leaders


We are looking for individuals who are creative, honest, patient, reliable and kind,  who can use initiative and represent our ethos to every person and Pony at PineTree.


We are in need of help during the busy holiday seasons and weekends. Volunteers should have some experience working with children and good knowledge about Horses and Equine equipment.


Your duties will include:

* Supervise and help the children during preparation before and after riding activities.

* Assist the instructor during classes

* Leading Pony and child within classes and trail rides

* Care of Ponies to and from the Paddocks.

* Participate in entertainment/interaction with the children

* Have Fun and enjoy learning from the Ponies!


Volunteers should be 12 years and over with consent from a parent/guardian under the age of 18. Volunteers under the age of 18 will not be asked to perform any tasks unsupervised by an adult or instructor.



* Help is required Saturday, Sunday and School

Farm & Stable Hand


If you like to get your hands dirty and not afraid of hard Farm work or it could be that you are not so confident handling or riding Horses, then this is a perfect way to become integrated into the Herd.


Just being able to observe the Ponies within their environment playing, eating and just being Horses is a wonderful, natural sight.  It definitely makes up for the ugly duties we Horse owners have to endure daily. Individuals who volunteer for this position may be pleasantly surprised just how much knowledge and connection they will develop through the Horses.


We all know that Horses do 3 things best, Run, Eat and Poop and with 11 Horses/Ponies at PineTree there is more than enough cleaning up to do around the Farm.


Your duties will include:

* Feeding

* Filling hay nets

* Poo- picking paddocks and field

* Cleaning and filling water buckets

* Stable mucking out

* Painting

* Building

* Tack cleaning


It does sound like a lot of work? It is!  but do not fear, you will not be required to perform all the duties listed above, just a few and it all depends on the time you wish to spend at the Farm.


Volunteers should be 12 years and over with consent from a parent/guardian under the age of 18. Please take into consideration how tiring the duties can be so for the younger volunteers interested we advise only a few hours of your time.


You should have basic common sense Horsemanship though we also invite individuals with no experience who wish to be around Horses and learn from a distance.



* Help is required Tuesday - Sunday anytime.

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